Enjoy 1,300 Acres of New Orleans City Park

At over 1,300 acres and host to millions of guests each year, New Orleans’ City Park is one of the city’s, and country’s, beloved treasures. Founded in 1854 and located in Midcity, the park is the 87th largest and 7th-most-visited park in the United States. While other towns like New York’s Central Park may receive more recognition, City Park dwarves its more acclaimed park in size, and possibly activities.

City Park boasts an incredible array of activities and destinations. With facilities like New Orleans Botanical Garden, New Orleans Museum of Art and loads of activities for the kids, it offers fun opportunities for all ages.

Like many of New Orleans’ favorites, City Park felt its share of damage during Hurricane Katrina. Over the following month, the park would lay under one to eight feet of rain–totaling $43 million in damages. It took time but thanks to the employees, board and volunteers from all over the country, City Park recovered.

Today, City Park is back as one of NOLA’s premiere destinations. Tourists and locals alike love to flock to the park for its endless activities or just to catch some shade under its immense greenery.

Today, City Park can be found as a frequent member of the country’s top parks lists. With things back on track and a mindset for further improvement, City Park plans to remain as a signature piece of NOLA’s diverse and delightful sights.

If you’d like to volunteer your time to City Park, click here for more information.

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